Close To Everything
Feb 27th, 2014 by stuwad

Close to Shopping
Princes St is the greatest shopping centre in the world. It has all the ‘high st’ shops, specialty shops, department stores, food and more. The great thing, though, is all that is on one side of the street. On the other side is a huge garden area, a monument,church, and a rather large castle. It can only be described as beautiful, and its literally right on our doorstep.

Close to touristy things
Apart from all that on Princes St, take a 2 minute walk over NorthBridge, and you will be on the Royal Mile. This is a stretch of road (guess how long) that goes from the castle, down to Hollyrood Palace (where the royals live when they’re in town). Its an incredibly historic stretch of road, and the focus of all things touristy. The tourist Bureau is also located across the road from us.

Close to entertainment.
Edinburgh has over 700 pubs, so its pretty easy to be close to them. Indeed, we have a few of them in just our building. All the clubs and pubs of Edinburgh are within stumbling distance from us. Its great.You can somehow always get back no matter what state you are in. Theres also Art Galleries, museums, restaurants and whatever else you want close by.

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