Close To The Bus & Train
Feb 27th, 2014 by stuwad

By Bus
Leave the Bus Station by the St. Andrew Square exit, one floor above the bus arrivals level. Outside, turn left and walk to the first street on your left, which is West Register Street. You will see a map on the wall pointing to us. Follow this road around, and we will be there somewhere, between the hairdressers and Guildford Arms. We are on the top floor.

By Train
The train will stop at Waverley station. Follow the signs from there to Princes St. When you reach it look across the road, and you will see a Burger King. We are right behind that.

By Plane
The plane will stop at Edinburgh Airport. The good news is that we are nowhere near that! When you get there, take the airport bus, which will stop on Waverley Bridge(last stop). Walk up to Princes St, turn right, and you will come across the Burger King which we are behind.

More Landmarks
Landmarks help find places in a new city, so here are some to help you. As we said we are behind the Burger King. The Burger King is opposite the Balmoral, with the big clock you can see in the header of this page. Also opposite the Burger King is the horse statue. Our road is in between the Burger King and the statue.Our doorway is between the Guildford Arms and the Hairdresser. Make sure you go to the very top floor, where our reception is.

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